Meet the Real Mr. Vish!

Mr. Vish is the the creator of The Adventures of Franky Fox series, Challenge What You Know and the Rothman Files.  He grew up in Milwaukee, WI and attended the University of Vermont in addition to Oxford University, New College.  He was a Wall Street trader for many years working for the likes of Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley and founded the now infamous Oxford Capital Group in Chicago. 

Mr. Vish is an avid reader and loves to paint with over 50 paintings to his credit.  He is a lifelong tennis player, golfer, and world traveler.  His creations are inspired by real world events, obstacles, trials and tribulations, and a series of coincidental experiences and events that led to his astute observations which are translated in his writings.  We hope that you enjoy his writings and insights and ultimately derive some nuggets of wisdom from them.  And remember that life is about asking yourself the difficult questions and constantly challenging what it is that you may think you know!