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Journey to the Dominican Republic

Meet Franky, an inventor, and a great adventurer to mystical lands and faraway places. Franky's special. He doesn't want to sit around all day - he wants to explore and learn. Through his adventures, Franky learns about failure, success, love, and strength, and most importantly - the value of perseverance. With Franky's story we hope to teach children, both young and old, that as long as you believe in yourself, anything is possible.  

Journey to the Dominican Republic is the first book in the unveiling of a series, The Adventures of Franky Fox.  It is a thrilling and epic adventure that takes Franky and his friends to the Dominican Republic to help people in need. The books' message centers around core values, hard work, and important life lessons.  It teaches children the importance of team effort and the value of helping others.  Along the way Franky meets new friends, explores new and exotic lands and foods, and learns about the struggles of the people they are visiting.  Follow Franky and the gang on their epic adventure as they work hard to help the people of the Dominican Republic build schools, roads, and homes, and learn the value of never giving up no matter what obstacles stand in your way.


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